As the seventh most populated city in the US, San Antonio is home to one of the most recession-proof economies, is recognized as one of the best places to work, raise a family, own real estate, and retire, and encompasses an incredible history and heritage.

Despite the city's large size, San Antonio is often seen as a collective of varied and culturally diverse smaller towns and communities. This arrangement is the reason why the Alamo City and its diversity have neighborhoods for everyone that feel like home.

Businesses of all sizes, from the small mom and pop's to the Fortune 500, are thriving in the Alamo City, and they're establishing the jobs and opportunities every city and its citizens dream of. Mimicking its cultural community makeup, the city's diverse economic structure is the foundation of the robust economy San Antonio's enjoys.

With the presence of a large military community for the past several decades, San Antonio is also well known for its strong tourism industry thanks to the rich history surrounding the Alamo City. In fact, San Antonio's diverse culture is still evolving along with its workplace landscape, neighborhoods and overall identity.

San Antonio is definitely a large city, but another reason why it feels small is because its residents are eager to give back. The neighborly small town atmosphere can be attributed to the support for the community, especially during its annual spring festival simply known as Fiesta. The city-wide party is San Antonio's biggest fundraiser, contributing millions of dollars to local charitable causes.

The cost of living in San Antonio is also a plus. Power and water utilities are 20% less than the national average, the city possesses a 90.3 Cost of Living Index according to ACCRA*, and the prices of homes sold in San Antonio are about $50,000 less compared to similar homes in other markets.

With all of the great reasons to be a San Antonian, start your career with the Cavender Auto Family now.

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*Based on 1st Q 2013